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July 12, 2012
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Ivan looked at Yao who was half asleep with the video game controller in his hands. They had been playing the dumb American video game for about 5 or 6 hours, Yao had passed out when Ivan when to go get a drink. Ivan picked up Yao and threw him over his shoulder bluntly and went up the stairs, tucking Yao in his own bed before going back down the stairs to resume being alone, his didn't mind anymore.
"Tomorrow is Christmas, da?" Ivan said aloud, to thin air. "Yao will leave and I will be all alone on that holiday."
Yao peeked around the corner towards the Russian who was talking to himself about how he should be used to being alone. He frowned and went back upstairs getting into the surprisingly warm bed.
"Is he alone every year, aru?" Yao pondered and looked at the wall across from him. "That must be very lonely, aru. Even I have my brothers and sisters, even if it is annoying sometimes, aru." And with that, Yao drifted off to sleep.

Yao held the gun to his chest and fired off several shots towards the mass herd of blue-gray zombies that were heading his and Ivan's way. He looked behind him; Ivan was there beating zombies up rather joyfully with his metal faucet pipe. Yao fired off the machine gun and kicked a zombie that got to close.
However Ivan began to fade away leaving Yao all alone to face the mass herds that kept growing, and for the first time in a long time, Yao felt alone. He looked around and called out for Ivan but there was no response from the Russian man.
Yao woke up with a start and looked around to make sure he wasn't dead, and or surrounded by zombies. Once he was assured that it was only him in the room he got up and made his way down the stairs to where Ivan was sitting on the couch, mindlessly flipping through TV channels.
"Oh, hello Yao, are you leaving now? Have a safe trip, da." Ivan said numbly having decided not to act to concerned.
"I want to stay here, aru. Its Christmas after all, you should spend it with your loved ones, aru." Yao said sitting down next to Ivan and looking at him. "So I want to stay here."
Ivan looked down at him surprised and nodded dumbly scratching his scarf. "Da, That is fine with me if you want. What made you want to stay though?"
"Let's just say it involved zombies and guns, aru." Yao stated not wanting to confuse the Russian with details.
"That…is… very interesting, da." Ivan said confused as he thought about what the hell that could've meant. "Zombies and Guns…"
Yao leaned up and kissed Ivan's cheek before standing up. "M-Merry Christmas, aru."
Ivan held his cheek and a smile light up his face so bright you could've used it to light a dark room. He stood up and grabbed Yao into a tight hug and buried his face in the Chinese man's head as he lifted him up and spun around.
"Da, a very merry Christmas." Ivan said as he leaned down to plant a kiss on Yao's lips overjoyed. "Yao-yao."
Yao blushed and returned the kiss before pulling away giving a nice, kind smile. He rubbed Ivan's head and kissed his cheek again. "This Christmas will be the best one ever, I promise, aru!"
"It already is Yao-Yao!" Ivan said before reclaiming Yao's lips with his own and smiling the whole time.
And Yao kept his promise; it was a Christmas for the history books, involving Gin, Vodka, and Mistletoe. Ivan ended up getting both himself and Yao drunk.

I can continue this into a Lemon scene if you guys want, just ask!
Picture not mine!

Anyway, just ask and I can do a lemon scene with them! ^^

Just a short, fun fic about Yao and Ivan on Christmas.

Nice dream China... Why zombies? I blame America's video game, damn him XD

:iconrussiacryingplz: I don't want to be alone on Christmas again!
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You choose, continue this junk or try again and do fluff
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