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June 27, 2013
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

                   You were surprised to feel a certain hunger in your own kiss soon after, which you were glad Feliks returned. Eventually you two were lying on the couch, you lying under the tipsy blonde while he ravaged your exposed collar bone. You allowed him to do this for awhile, but soon your hands were roaming up his shirt and tracing the toned muscles on his sides and back- and not long after his shirt and vest were discarded on the floor besides the couch you two were on.

                   "_____," he groaned, a hand slipping up your shirt and toying with your still clothed breasts, "I didn't think it was possible but your even better looking when you're like this."

                   You blushed deeper, giving out a low moan as he toyed with you, and before you could say anything your shirt was cast off by the impatient Pole and banished to join his shirt on the floor. It didn't take long for your bra to join the clothing- even less time after that for Feliks to attack your breasts with hands and mouth. Rather than being too fast and going straight for the nipple as you had learned from friends that most guys did- he ravaged around your breasts, licking and nipping at other places while your other breast had his thumb pressed down lightly on your nipple and rolling his thumb around, fingers pressing and kneading it.

                   You felt yourself getting hot beneath him- moaning sweetly and squirming under the skilled male, it was as if he knew everything to do without you telling him. And it felt so good. You closed your eyes and moaned again as he finally latched onto your rosy bud, nipping and sucking for awhile before switching and giving the same treatment to the other.

                   When he had his fill of doing that he decided you might look better without the skirt on so that was quickly discarded, leaving you in only your soaking panties. You wanted to squeeze your legs together but Feliks quickly placed a hand on your thigh, rubbing and stroking the sensitive flesh a bit before leaning down and running his finger along your wet panties- causing you to suck in a breath and tilt your head back at the ecstasy, then you felt his tongue pressing against the clothe, nipping and licking at your clit through the black.

                   You felt him slipping of your panties and soon after that his tongue was working magic lapping and prodding at your entrance while his fingers- now coated in his saliva- were rolling and playing with you clit, leaving you a moaning mess at his mercy. When you felt as if you couldn't stand not having something inside you anymore, one of his fingers was slipping inside and rubbing up against your walls, bending and playing while his mouth busied itself sucking on your collar bone.

                   Then another finger was slipped inside you, scissoring and then moving in and out, a third and final finger made your moan louder and wrapped your arms around his neck- desperate for more than what his fingers could provide. You got your wish when his pants dropped off his legs to reveal Polish flag boxers- and you tried not to stare at how large the bulge was. Then his boxers joined his pants at you felt yourself growing hotter and more desperate- he was huge. Your friend had joked that Slavic men had huge things- but you hadn't expected that size.

                   He captured your lips in a kiss and you felt him press himself in at a slow pace- it hurt quite a bit, yet you welcomed that pain and kissed back with passion. You groaned as he entered fully- filling you and pressing your boundaries. He waited for you to grow used to him, then started to thrust and kiss harder, breaking at tiny intervals for you both to breathe.

                   After awhile you felt his still slick fingers pressing at your other entrance, then they slipped in and started to thrust in and out- adding to the pleasure you already felt. With everything crowding you were simply a moaning mess, your nails digging into his broad back and his free hand groping about your breasts.

                   You screamed his name as the coil you felt in our abdomen released and you came, he was more subtle and buried his face in your shoulder as he spilled moments after you. Then he pulled out and both of your fluids spilled from you and onto the couch, both of you sweaty and tired.

                   You heard cheering and you and Feliks turned to see your audience. You had put on a quite a show since you hadn't gone to a more private bedroom.
Well, choice B won!
Here is your guys' lemon you requested.

You naughty people you.

I in no way own Poland or the reader or the picture I used.
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CynderTenkaiCourage Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Student Artist
You have a really awesome profile and awesome writing skills. 'I love songs in languages I don't understand' Me too!
Independencepioneer Featured By Owner 4 days ago
And who, might I ask, is our audience? I may not see your comment due to the blood pouring onto my computer... Very nice! Loved it! Poland (Intro) [V4] 
1stYaoiFanatic Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2014
Is it just me, or does he look a lot like Francis in that picture? O.o
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That ending tho
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Cliche but fitting
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Did I just fuck my nation on the public couch?

((I'm half Polish and half Prussian... I feel so patriotic now...))
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hey i found you XD
Ask-MMD-Arianos Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
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Me: France, duuuuude staaahp. Put it away and leave.
France: ohonhonhonhonhon~ good thing I got it on video!~
Me: oh. mai. gawd. *facepalms*
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